Make up for Punjabi girls

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Make up for Punjabi girls

Makeup enhances the beauty of any person. Makeup is mostly used by girls to look beautiful and to make themselves more attractive. These days makeup is more essential for women than earlier days. Nowadays makeup became very valuable to every single person. Almost every territory’s girl tends to use makeup but every region has its own tradition and culture.
Punjab has its own ethics and heritage. Like every other girl, Punjabi girls also attempts to look more charming and elegant than other girls this is why Punjabi girls have their own way to do makeup. Punjabi girls use the same makeup gadgets but by their own means.

Punjabi Girls’ Makeup:
Let me tell you about Punjabi girls’ makeup and which stuff they like to use in makeup.


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Most of the Punjabi girls love to use rosy compact. Some of them like to match the compact colour with their dress (kurta) colour. Most of them don’t like fairy compact at all.


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Punjabi young ladies are skilled with great hair development. Along these lines, their eyebrows are extremely thick and exceptionally curved or at the point. They continually string them and keep them fit as a fiddle. You will not perceive any Punjabi girl having a terrible eyebrow. What’s more, even after that they attempt to shape and shading them frequently.


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Punjabi girls constantly pay unique interest to their lips. and they have such warm sultry properly defined lips. They continually apply a lip liner below to provide definition and look on your lips.


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Bloomer is also known as the blusher. Bloomers are constantly their high-quality buddy. they are attempting to have blushed rosy cheeks than the sultry bronzed appearance. As always as the blusher shade is concerned them on the whole pass for the purple or fuchsia shades.


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Punjabi women have commonly to the factor and full evidence make-up. They need their makeup to look durable. So, they usually preserve their base make-up robust and that they love to move for full coverage as opposed to mild or semi-finished one.


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I have never considered makeup only the things I’ve written above but I also believe that accessories have given below also includes in makeup.

Hair Accessories:

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A Gajra is a flower garland which girls in Punjab put on all through festive occasions, weddings or as a part of everyday conventional apparel. they’re made commonly of varies varieties of jasmine flora but rose, Cassandra is likewise extensively utilized in gajras. it can be worn both at the bun and with the braid coiling. women in Punjab generally put on them in traditional attire. it’s also worn on the wrist by using ladies in Punjab especially in the course of festive events and weddings.The gajra is a decoration this is simply meant to decorate a coiffure and does not a commonly used resource in preserving a bun in the region. Gajra also refers to a type of pearl workmanship done on jewellery in Punjab.


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Paranda is one of the traditional handicrafts of Punjab. it’s miles a colourful putting worn by means of the Punjabi women of their hair. maximum of the Punjabi girls have long hair, which they plait after which tie a paranda at the quit. Parandis are available with a terrific range in designs and shades. they’re comprised of a gaggle of silk threads, intricately woven with different skilful works. The craftsmen require an amazing deal of endurance and creativity even as generating the parandas. They reflect the herbal liveliness and spontaneity of the Punjabi people.In Punjab, parandas are available in different sorts, each certainly one of them designed for a selected occasion. The villages inside the districts of Jalandhar, Amritsar, Nikodar, Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana are specifically engaged in the handicraft enterprise of paranda. although paranda-making isn’t as uncommon as the carpet weaving craft, the marketplace for them is broadly developing in the course of the united states. Paranda is now substantially used by women throughout India, especially throughout special occasions. It has a remarkable attraction for foreigners as properly, due to its distinctiveness and brightness.

Forehead Accessories:

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Tika or Kashka-A forehead pendant is called Tika or kashka in Punjab. Small ornament on the forehead which hangs from the middle of the top at the brow with a series. Tika or kashka is mostly used in weddings or festivals.

Damni or dauni – a fringe placing over the forehead on both sides of the face, a number of those are richly jewelled. those are of numerous types like kutabi and sosani

Chand Bina – a moon-formed pendant.

Tawit – small amulets are worn on the head.

Jhumar – a tassel-fashioned decoration or pendant.

Guchhi marwarid – a cluster of pearls.

Bindi – small tinsel forehead ornament.

Barwata – tinsel stars are worn over the eyebrows, no longer to be confounded with Bhawata, an armlet.

Ear Ornaments:

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Bali or Goshwara – a hard and fast of earrings worn on the edge of the ear.

Bali Bahaduri – it has a huge pointed stud in the middle.

Karnphul, Dhedu and Jhumka – all styles of tassel like adorns, made with silver chains and little balls.

Pipal-watta, or Pipal Pata – like a murki, but has a drop or pendant to it finishing in a fringe of little gold pipal leaves.

Kantala – A comparable ornament like pipal-watta but this has a stud beside the pendant.

Bala Khungri – a heavy fringed earring.

Bala Katoriwalla – an earring with a bowl-like pendant.

Khalli – small earring;

Jalil – A small earring with a small jewelled crucial stud.

Nose Ornaments:

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Nath – a massive nose ring, one aspect of a ring being ornamented with a belt of jewels or some pearls held on to it.

Bulak – a small pendant either worn hung to the cartilage of the nose, otherwise strung to a Nath.

Image result for Punjabi juttiAnd final, however not the least is the shoes. They put on the ones colourful flat sleepers (chappal/khussa)  which appears so conventional yet comfortable and provide a Punjabi woman look to the general outfit.

So, those were a number of the tips to acquire Punjabi makeup appearance. hope you like our article. Let me know your thoughts on Punjab and Punjabi women’ make-up. As you know about Punjabi culture as it is very vast. Nobody can explain it completely, We tried our best to explain you everything according to Punjabi girls’ makeup. If anything is missed let us know in comments below.

I hope our article was helpful to you.

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